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Professional Massage Expreace

Please come to the sanctuary that is the Cave and let us help you take a load off and unwind.


The Cave is the passion project of our founder.  She has created an escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Hong Kong but is readily accessible to its patrons.  Hence, the Cave was carved out of the urban sprawl of Kowloon.  As the name implies, the Cave captures the aesthetics and the quiet of a cave, where each patron can enjoy a few hours of solitude to relax both her mind and her body.

The Cave is staffed with some of the most talented therapists in Hong Kong.  They have been trained in multiple spa disciplines and customer service to ensure patrons only receive unmatched service.

以「體驗」 為主題的一系列療程揉合東、西方 傳統身心護理哲學,選用不同國家深具療效的香薰精油•熱貝殼•傳統技術•細緻手法,讓客人的身、心、靈得到適當的平衡和更新。


Comfort, Attention, Value, Excellence

Cave SPA & Massage



Body Massage

Functional Massage

Luxury Equipment

At the moment of the massage, the masseuse will even adjust the breathing rhythm, healing music and comfortable box space for you, allowing you to achieve peace of mind and body and enjoy the most comfortable massage.

Lava Shell Massage, Hot Stone Massage, DIY aromatherapy essential oil Massage,Deep Tissue Sports Massage....etc

  • 嚴選獲得美國FDA,ISO,SGS認證按摩床
    We choose the most comfortable massage bed which obtains the US FDA, ISO, SGS certification

  • 全部房間配有500m3/h CADR的空氣淨化器
    All rooms are equipped with 500m3/h CADR air purifier,

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