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我在此同意我的個人資料(包括任何敏感個人數據)只作為現在和以後任何護理的參考之用,以及在不限制或影響我可能具有的任何法定權利下,我確定自行承擔所有護理的風險。同意相關的治療及/或水療服務的任何爭議或索賠應受法律津和香港特別行政區法院的專屋管轄權,我確保Cave,以及他們各自的附屬公司的所有者,董事股東員工合作夥伴以及前述(統稱“Cave)旨不會就我使用服務而引致的任何及一切不論何等形式的訴訟,訟費,申索,損失,開支及/或財產損害,並會就此向本人作出彌償,我明白到服務之運用和使用會因個別人士之年齢,體型,身體狀況,能力及/或健康狀況而對每個人的影響而有所差異。與及或有需要運用到個人知識以利其正確使用,我進一步明白到決定是否適合及擁有個人知識去使用服務為閣下之全權責任,我確認Cave Spa & Massage並不會就我放置於儲物櫃或店內任何範圍的個人财物之失商或損壞承擔任何責任,而我亦已被要求不應將貴重物品放置於儲物儲物櫃或店內任何範圍,我已仔細開讀並了解此免責聲明之內容,並且同意遵守其條款。8歲以下和至少16歳的客人需要有家長或法定監護人簽署方可使用Cave設施。

I hereby agree that my personal data (including any sensitive personal data) will only be used as a reference for any care now and in the future, and without limiting or affecting any statutory rights I may have, I determine that all care is at my own risk . Agreeing that any disputes or claims related to treatment and/or spa services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Tianjin and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, I ensure that Cave, as well as their respective affiliates, owners, directors, shareholders, employees cooperate Partners and the foregoing (collectively, "Cave") intend not to, and will inform myself of any and all actions, costs, claims, losses, expenses and/or property damage of whatsoever form whatsoever arising out of my use of the Services. As an indemnity, I understand that the use and use of the Services will vary from person to person depending on the age, size, physical condition, ability and/or health of the individual and may require the use of personal knowledge To facilitate its correct use, I further understand that it is your sole responsibility to decide whether it is appropriate and knowledgeable to use the service, and I confirm that Cave will not be responsible for my personal belongings placed in the locker or any area of ​​the store I am not responsible for any loss of business or damage, and I have been instructed not to place valuables in storage lockers or anywhere in the store, I have read and understood this disclaimer carefully and agree to abide by it. Terms. Guests under the age of 8 and at least 16 years old need a parent or legal guardian to sign to use the Cave facilities.

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